How to Write Alexa Optimized Content?

How to Write Alexa Optimized Content?

Alexa, book me two tickets for Equalizer 3!

Beware, this is the future. Are you prepared to take benefit of Alexa Voice Search? Well, it is possible with the help of Alexa optimized content.

Wherever you go, there is a buzz around about Alexa voice search. While Amazon voice search is finding its footing amongst customers, we are seeing a rise in the smart devices that use voice assistants. Hence, it becomes important to decode the Amazon Alexa search SEO to make the most of the upcoming trend.

Let us dive straight into the tips to write Alexa optimized content and take advantage of this upcoming trend.

Decoding the Amazon Alexa Psyche

The primary objective of the Echo’s design is to search for and sell physical products on Amazon. However, Amazon has been quite opaque about how its search algorithm prioritizes specific products to showcase the customer query.

While searching for any product on Amazon through Alexa, you are taken to two of these algorithms.

Duplicate Orders

This is when Alexa takes into account your past orders and tries to match the offer you have recently ordered.

New Orders

In case Amazon does not find any orders of your past, it diverts you to its Amazon Choice Badge for that specific query. The Amazon Choice Badge is a black banner that appears on your product detail page and search page.

How to Ace the Alexa Voice Search SEO?

To ace the Alexa voice search SEO, you need to become one of the best options on Amazon.

Amazon Choice Products

Amazon Choice products help to narrow down the Amazon voice queries. To get the maximum exposure on your listing on the Alexa search algorithm, you need to increase the number of Amazon Choice badges for every product you sell. These choice badges can be identified through third-party tools on Amazon.

How to Write Alexa Optimized Content?

Follow these best practices to get extra Amazon Choice badges to increase the probability of your Amazon Alexa voice search.

Write Well-Optimized Listings

Amazon will show those listings on the top that have more probability of converting into sales. There are lots of factors that work to rank your products on Amazon Alexa. These include comprehensive keyword research, well-drafted copy, voice-friendly language while writing product descriptions, continuously evaluating your product listing performance, and optimizing images that showcase your product.

Include Long-tail Keywords

Use long-tail keywords in such a way that it seems that you are speaking to someone. Rather than targeting generic keywords, concentrate on phrases that can make your Amazon Alexa products convert easily. For example, while searching for the best restaurants in India, you should ask – What are the best restaurants in India?

Structured Data Markup

Include Schema markup to provide context to your product listings. This will assist Alexa in comprehending your content better and delivering it as a response to relevant voice queries.

Local SEO

As a local business, optimize your Amazon listings for local searches. Utilize local-based keywords to attract users to attract users seeking products or services in their vicinity.

Mobile Optimization

Ensure your listings are mobile-friendly since most voice searches happen on mobile devices. With the help of a responsive design and fast-landing pages, you can provide a seamless user experience.

Take Advantage of Natural Language Processing

Use NLP techniques to comprehend the intent behind user queries. Amazon Alexa heavily depends upon NLP to provide precise and relevant responses to voice commands. Create your content in such a way that users naturally phrase their questions.

Content Structure

Create content structure in such a way that bite-sized sections are included with clear-cut headlines. This helps in voice search results presentation and readability.

Get More Reviews of Your Products

Even though reviews have lost some of their shine as they used to, they reflect customer satisfaction. Customer reviews can help in the conversion rate and ad performance. You can showcase your product rating on your product description page, ads, and search engine results page. Make sure you are following the Amazon Review Best Practices of 2021.

Concluding Thoughts

Alexa voice search has become a potential game-changer in today’s digital era. Hence, creating Alexa-optimized content based on Alexa voice search SEO has become even more imperative. Following the tips mentioned in this write-up will help you write Alexa-optimized content effortlessly and win the race amongst other Amazon products on the listing.