How to Hire a Content Writer For Your Business?

Hire a Content Writer

Running a business is no easy task, especially in this digital world. Having a website and social media presence is not enough. You need to have visibility on SERPs and higher engagement rates on social media platforms. And this is the BIGGEST problem that most of the businesses fail to solve.

It is proven that websites with blogs have higher chances of ranking on SERP by 434%. But average blogs have a bounce rate of around 82.4%. This is where the Content Writers get the spotlight. Hence, every business should have a team of writers or freelance content writers to improve this situation. 

Now, how to hire a content writer is the dilemma. It can be overwhelming to FINALIZE a content writer for your business with so much demand and so many in the market. In this article, I will help you understand the role of a content writer, and how to hire one.

Duties and Responsibilities of Content Writer

Content writers are professionals who write informative and accurate content for brands and businesses to help them reach their target audience. Content writers are often responsible for creating content that attracts the potential and targeted audience to the landing page. 

Their job role is to help businesses achieve their dream state through their expertise in research and creating impactful content pieces. There are different types of content that businesses require from blogs and articles to website content and even copy for social media posts and email marketing. Not every writer needs to have the skillset of writing all the forms of writing. 

There are a variety of professionals acting in a various type of writing styles. The different types of content writers include:

  • Web content writer,
  • Copywriter,
  • Creative content writer,
  • Technical content writer,
  • And even niche-specific writers.

Now, when you are looking for a content writer, you have two options: hire a freelance content writer or opt for an in-house writer. Before you finalize that, let’s take a quick look at the reasons for hiring a content writer.

Why do you need a Content Writer for Your Business?

In this digital world, every business needs a content writer who can convey their message to the target audience effectively. You know how to run a business, and you might also know how to write content, but content writers have in-depth knowledge about how to write IMPACTFUL content!

And that’s what makes them expert in their field! Let’s understand the need for a content writer for your business.

  • Content is at the top of your brand. Your content represents the thought and expertise of your services and products. Content writers convey that through their insightful and informative content.
  • Through content, you don’t only attract potential customers but create a distinct brand voice that resonates with your audience. A content writer can help you craft consistent content for all your platforms from website to social media.
  • Now, writing content is not enough, you need to optimize it for search engines. Skilled content writers can curate SEO-friendly content for your website to enhance your visibility on SERPs and attract organic traffic.
  • Understanding the mindset of your target audience is an art and content writers are the masters. They can delve into the psyche of customers and create content that addresses their concerns or needs and provide solutions.
  • As I said above, there are many types of content and versatile content writers understand the nuances of each platform. They can write content that reaches your audience effectively, irrespective of the channel. 

How to find content writers?

There are many ways you can find freelance content writers or even hire a content writer for your company. From different job websites to Facebook and LinkedIn, you can find the perfect content writers on various platforms. And each platform has its benefits. I found the perfect writer for my website via LinkedIn.

The three different approaches for finding a content writer are:

Freelancer Platforms

If you are looking for how to hire freelance content writers, then your research stops here. There are many platforms where freelancers sign up to grab the project like UpWork, Fiverr,, and many more.

Once you are on the platform for hiring freelance writers, you can review different content writers’ profiles or post a detailed job listing. Your job listing should have all the necessary information as per your requirements.

Content Writing Agencies

When you are looking to outsource content writing services, content writing agencies are the best. You no longer need to hire the best content writers because these agencies have already done that for you.

They have a highly skilled and experienced team of content writers to ensure you with high-quality content tailored to your needs. This is a hassle-free process and option for you. 

You won’t have to worry about content quality and on-time delivery since the agency will handle everything. However, before you finalize the content writing agency, make sure you go through their website, and client feedback, and have a look at their portfolio or sample work.

Networking and Referrals

Your connections in the industry and on social media platforms can also help you in hiring a content writer for your company. The peers in the industry are very well connected with the professionals and can help you get the perfect candidate via referrals. 

How to hire a content writer for your business?

You might be surprised but around 75% of large-scale companies outsource their content writing requirements. Now, whether you are on a quest to hire freelance content writers or an in-house content writer, these step-by-step process will help you throughout:

Step #1: Create a Brand Style Guideline

Before you start searching for a writer for your company, make sure you have the brand style guide ready. In this style guide, you should add the type of content you would require, your target audience, and even the brand tone.

Decide on whether you need content to be in what tone, more on the side of empathic, authoritative, or a mixture of both. This way you can provide this guide to the prospect while taking practical tests and judge them accordingly.

There’s a HUGE problem that businesses face when it comes to having consistency in tone across all platforms. And that is why you need to create a brand STYLE GUIDELINE.

Step #2: Write a Job Description for Listing

Once you are done creating the brand tone, start with writing out the job description. Make sure that it is as per the brand tone you just created. It will also act as a guide for the writers sending in the resume.

Now, what should you ADD in the job description?

You should add every detail from qualification and required skillset to the types of content the prospect should know about. Apart from that, you should also write about the company–its vision, mission, and a little bit of a glimpse of the types of products you deal in.

Most Important Thing: When you are writing the description, convey your expectations and requirements clearly and to the point. 

Following that, post it across all the platforms from social media to freelance websites. You can send the same descriptions to the job boards and even your referrals and industry peers. 

Step #3: Look Through The Potential Prospects

As soon as your job description is roaming around the social media, various job boards, and referrals, you will have resumes come in! For this step, you will need a dedicated HR or have some time kept aside for sorting through the resumes.

There are chances you might have got the resumes in DOZENS and from that you have to pick out the ideal profile as per your requirements. 

While going through the potential prospects’ resumes, make sure you see their experience, work at previous companies and if necessary check out their LinkedIn profiles too.

And then, pick out a few of the BEST and MOST relevant candidates for your company.

Step #4: Conduct Interviews

Following that, send them mail scheduling the interviews. Ask to bring the necessary documents and have a portfolio ready. Ask them questions that can help you analyze their behavior, way of looking at and solving problems, management skills, and much more.

Here’s the detailed information on interview questions to gauge their suitability for the role:

  • What is your total experience?
  • What was your role in your previous company?
  • What is your process for writing content?
  • What do you know about SEO?
  • What content writing tools do you use?
  • How do you take feedback?
  • If your teammate has issues with the task and asks you for help, how would you react? And you also have a deadline that you need to attend to!
  • And others.

Note: If you are looking to hire a freelance content writer, you won’t need to have an in-depth interview, just a discussion to understand their knowledge.

Step #5: Test them for their skillset

The next step after the interview should be a practical test. Even though you might have seen their portfolio and writing samples, how do you TRUST that the provided portfolio is theirs only?

And that is why the practical test can help you assess their real skill set. You need to provide them with article details like type of content, topic, keywords, length of the content, references (inspiration), and the brand guidelines you created. 

No training can replicate the years of experience. If the prospect completes the task as you requested and the content is not just SEO-friendly but fulfills the search intent of the given topic. While assessing the content, you must consider the accuracy, creativity, and clarity too.

The BOTTOM LINE is–you need a content writer that can write for your brand/business.

Step #6: Final the content writer

This is the most difficult step. Here you have to filter out the best candidate for your company. But I would like to give you some advice: Don’t ever look to hire the BEST content writers, instead look for the one who has the right skills and would be an asset to your company.

The writer needs to be able to adapt to the new environment as quickly as possible and even acquire new skills. We are in an industry that is ever-evolving, and we need to work as per our clients’ requirements and they vary from client to client. 

Once you have found the REAL diamond that fits best with your company’s requirements move ahead with the hiring process. 

How BlackBuckCS Can Help You?

There are now two options: either hire a content writer and be prepared to pay all the post-hire expenses or just go with the content writing agency.

When you hire a content writing agency, you only have to convey your requirements and you will get the qualitative content. Our team of experienced writers is here at BlackBuckCS to help you curate creative, engaging, and impactful content. 

Contact us today with your set of requirements.

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Karuna Soni is an experienced content writer and founder of BlackBuckCS, A leading content writing and SEO services provider. With 5+ years of experience, she’s a thought leader in digital marketing, guiding BlackBuckCS to help clients achieve their marketing goals and drive business growth.